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Meet Pirelli Connesso – The Smart Tyre

3rd July 2017

Launched at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the Pirelli Connesso is the world’s first tyre sensor which can monitor vital tyre data and communicate this information to the driver via an app on their smartphone. The Pirelli Connesso is set to revolutionise the tyre industry thanks to its innovative system which could help to keep thousands of vehicles safe and legal on the road.

Available from summer 2017 in the USA, the smart Pirelli Connesso platform can be integrated into either the P Zero or Winter Sottozero tyre model. The Pirelli Connesso sensor is light in weight, so it will not affect tyre safety or performance, and is discreetly embedded in the internal wall of the tyre.

The sensor provides information about the status, use and maintenance of each tyre including tyre pressures, tread wear and the estimated remaining tyre life in kilometres. Pirelli Connesso will alert the driver when tyre pressure drops or tread wear limit is approaching and can immediately identify the nearest tyre dealership and book an appointment. Unlike currently used tyre pressure monitoring systems, the Pirelli Connesso will work when the car is at rest as well as whilst moving.

In addition, the Pirelli Connesso is designed to integrate smoothly with other smartphone apps – such as maps, music, restaurants and services – to enable motorists to benefit from a range of additional content and functionality.