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Michelin Unveil Futuristic Concept Tyre

20th September 2017

Michelin have taken us in to the future with their visionary futuristic concept tyre which is airless, 3D printed and made from biodegradable materials. Impervious to punctures, these tyres never need to be replaced. When the tyre tread wears they can simply be recoated with rubber and freshly re-treaded.

Michelin’s futuristic tyre will be created from recycled organic materials including wood chips, straw, sugar byproducts and orange peels. The tyres will be designed to resemble the air sacs of the human lung whilst the inner centre will mirror a honeycomb shape, constructed especially to strengthen the tyre.

Known as ‘The Vision Project’, the Michelin Visionary Concept Tyre is biodegradable and eco-friendly, made from recycled materials and being completely recyclable at the end of its life.

When tread is low, it can be easily replenished by a 3D printer which can print tread in a matter of minutes. This technology can also be used to transform the tyre to match the road or weather conditions as necessary, obliterating the need to store seasonal tyres.

Much like the Pirelli Connesso, unveiled earlier this year, the Michelin Visionary Concept Tyre is designed as a smart tyre, constantly communicating information to the driver through an app about tread wear, programming a reprint if necessary and choosing the type of tread pattern required.

But will it work? Mostapha El-Oulhani, the designer heading the project states: 'we wanted the Vision to be realistic since no purpose is served by designing objects or services that we know pertinently are unrealistic.’

So maybe there’s a likely chance that in the next twenty to thirty years we’ll be driving around with tyres made from orange peel.