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Merityre Woking is now a Pirelli P Zero World Authorised Dealer

12th August 2021

Merityre Woking has become the latest tyre specialist to join Pirelli's exclusive collection of P Zero World Authorised Dealers here in the UK.

Forming part of a larger global initiative from Pirelli, the P Zero World Authorised Dealer network seeks to serve the very best prestige vehicles on the road today.

A P Zero World Authorised Dealer offers customers access to Pirelli's most exclusive products with bespoke services for those with sports cars and luxury cars. Pirelli has utilised car parc data to identify areas with a high density of prestige vehicles. As a result, Merityre Woking has now joined Pirelli's growing collection of P Zero World Authorised Dealers.

Why Merityre?

The current performance centre, Merityre in Woking, will now also run as a P Zero World Authorised Dealer. The business is a fast-fit specialist and a leading tyre retailer with locations across the Home Counties.

Pirelli has worked closely with Merityre Woking, an existing prestige specialist within the Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC) network, to meet the needs of prestige vehicles and customers in the area. As a performance centre, Merityre Woking have been recognised by Pirelli for a number of years. They are known for their skills and expertise in recommending, fitting and balancing high-performance tyres with particular attention to customer care. With the addition of the P Zero World authorisation, the Woking branch is at the forefront of forward-thinking car service providers.

Noel Pope, Managing Director for Merityre, said:

"Merityre Specialists Ltd are proud to have been associated with Pirelli tyres throughout their history. It was 56 years ago that the branch in St Johns, Woking, opened, and a specialist tyre service has been provided to local motorists ever since. The relationship has been a success in both directions with the St Johns outlet being appointed a Pirelli Performance Centre some years ago. This latest recognition as a P Zero World Authorised Dealer, one of only a few across Europe, is further testimony to the link between the two companies, and their joint desire to provide the very best tyres with the very best fitting service available in the area. Pirelli are the market leaders in the supply of tyres to prestige vehicles, and Merityre Woking is the place to visit to get these fitted to your car. Merityre have invested heavily in their St Johns - Woking location and as well becoming a Pirelli P Zero World Authorised Dealer, they have also set up a modern Class 4 MOT Test Centre."

Contact Merityre today and book your appointment at Woking's P Zero World centre.