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Tyre performance and safety technology examined at Vision Zero Live

22nd February 2019

Continental Tyres are a household name, right? Their global reputation for tyre technology is undoubted, but a less known truth is that they are also a leading electronic automotive safety technology company, providing all kinds of digital systems to car makers. It’s so much so that you probably drive a vehicle that incorporates their driver aids, without realising. They’re very highly regarded by the world’s automotive sector, which should come as no surprise, seeing as Continental have been leaders in vehicle tech and safety initiatives for nearly 150 years.

Continental want to empower motorists

Take their global Vision Zero campaign, the aim of which is to help the world achieve zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents on the road. A huge ask, for sure, but not impossible. It can be achieved if more and more drivers better understand the (often dangerous) realities of driving on bad tyres, and – through education and first hand experience – have a chance to make an informed choice when it comes to fitting good tyres. The driver is the central focus in Vision Zero, supported by automotive, infrastructure, and tyre considerations.

It’s this desire to empower UK motorists with the experience and knowledge they need to make an informed choice that’s at the heart of Continental’s Vision Zero Live events.

Starting in late September 2018, members of the public will have the chance to attend one of these free events in Donnington (Leicestershire), Dunsfold (Surrey), and Mondello Park (Co. Kildare, Ireland). They’ll get to experience first hand a diverse selection of driving scenarios that demonstrate the differences between – and consequences of – good and bad automotive safety technologies.

As you’d expect from a leading manufacturer like Continental, tyres will play a significant role in these demonstrations, but it’s not the only driver safety technology that will be on view. As a leading developer and maker of electronic safety technology to the global automotive sector, attendees of Vision Zero Live will experience the event through a series of six modules, all of which are designed to highlight real world driving conditions:

Under Pressure

The importance that technologies play in maintaining tyre pressures, including the highly regarded ‘life saving’ ContiSeal™ solution.

Sharing the Road

How distractions can lead to road accidents, and the tips, tricks and technologies designed to help drivers stay focused. You’d be surprised.

Stop the Crash

The increasing role that ADAS – advanced driver-assistance systems – has in reaching Vision Zero, including autonomous braking, and blind parking. Prepare to be enthralled.

Tread Carefully

Understanding why having good tread depth is so vital, through first hand experience of driving on a skid pan. Brace yourself.

Why Premium?

Fully appreciating the performance difference between premium and budget tyres in testing road conditions, including the legendary Swedish ‘elk test’. Hold on tight.

Black Chili

Why this superior compound makes such a difference to the performance of tyres, and a driving demonstration to prove it. Get your grip.

For this year’s events, Vision Zero Live is being supported by three of the UK’s leading driver safety organisations:

  • Brake – the road safety charity
  • The Institute of Advanced Motorists – through their IAM RoadSmart safety initiative
  • TyreSafe – the leading tyre safety charity.

Each of these organisations are committed to making UK motorists safer, and are all highly regarded within the tyre and automotive industries, doing excellent work through their respective safety campaigns and initiatives.

As places for each Vision Zero Live event are limited, demand to attend is very high. With the guidance, experience and expertise of Continental’s hand-picked driver safety and technology team, participants will get to learn about – and experience, first hand – the real world differences – and potential consequences – of choosing to fit superior or sub-standard tyres.

Sound overly dramatic? That’s understandable – for the uninitiated – but for many participants who have been fortunate enough to attend previous Vision Zero Live events, the experience has often proved to be life changing.

“I’m that impressed by that, that I’m actually going to go and look to get them for my vehicle”

The simple trust is that the resounding feedback from the majority of those who have participated in Vision Zero Live can be characterised in four simple words: “Everyone should try this”.

Like Continental, Merityre are experts too

At Merityre, we’ve been providing leading tyre solutions and automotive services to drivers in the south east for many, many years. Our experienced, expert tyre team are on hand to answer any queries you have. If you’re looking for impartial, professional advice, and expert fitting solutions for your vehicle, visit your nearest Merityre branch today.