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Prepare for Spring Road Trips

20th March 2018

Make sure your car didn’t suffer any lasting damage from cold winter weather and get it ready to hit the road when the temperatures rise this spring!

Spring Clean

Wash away the winter and give your car a good clean now the temperatures are starting to heat up!

Road salts and grit, which are often used to thaw icy roads in winter, can cause damage to your exhaust and paintwork as it can corrode metal, so a good scrub and rinse will help you to remove any leftover traces. Don’t forget – soap can also be corrosive so ensure that you rinse your vehicle thoroughly with cold water afterwards!

Essential Vehicle Checks

As well as checking the outside of your car, you should make some checks to ensure that the internal components of your vehicle did not suffer damage during winter! Take some time to undertake the following checks:


Cold temperatures can be hard on car batteries! If yours is over three years of age or if you have noticed that your lights appear dimmer or your engine struggles to turn over, then it is time for a check! Visit your local Merityre Specialists for a Free Battery Check!


Exhaust pipes can suffer from corrosion and so you should undertake a visual inspection to make sure that yours has not been damaged this winter! You should look out for any signs of rusting, which can be where the metal has become rough and/or orange in colour. If you do notice damage to your exhaust, contact your local Merityre Specialists for a Free Exhaust Health Check.


Before you set off on any roadtrips this spring, you will need to ensure that your tyres are safe and legal! Check that your tyres did not suffer any damage during winter and inspect them for cuts, bulges, punctures or cracks. If you do notice any damages, you must have your tyres inspected by a specialist as soon as possible.

Check that your tyres have sufficient tread by using a tyre gauge and making sure that tread has not dropped below the legal limit of 1.6mm. If you don’t have a tyre gauge you can use a 20 pence coin to check your tyre tread depth. You should also check that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressures as under inflated tyres are more prone to damage and use more fuel.

Fill Up Your Fluids

Check that all essential engine fluids are topped up before you head out this spring. You should look under the bonnet to ensure that your engine oil, coolant and screen wash are at a sufficient level, topping up if necessary according to the instructions in your manufacturer handbook.


If you have any concerns about the condition of your vehicle or tyres contact your local Merityre Specialists branch where our trained technicians will be happy to provide further guidance.