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Prepare Your Car Battery for Winter

9th January 2018

Cold winter weather can put strain on car batteries, especially older batteries, so it is not surprising that they are the top cause of roadside breakdowns in winter. When temperatures drop, batteries can struggle to accept charge and this means that charging the battery takes a longer time – sometimes longer than we actually use the car for!

Get it Checked!

If your car battery is older than three years of age or you are worried that it may no longer be performing effectively, you should get it checked. Book a Free Battery Check at your local Merityre Specialists and our trained technicians will check the condition of your battery and provide advice if it does need to be replaced.

Battery Storage

Keeping your car stored somewhere warm and dry can help to protect the condition of your battery. Parking it in a garage or in a more sheltered area at night will help to prevent the battery becoming too cold overnight. You may also wish to invest in a rechargeable battery boosting device that can quickly charge your battery if it goes flat and you are in a hurry.

Switch Off

In winter, car batteries face strain from the additional appliances that we tend to use. Wipers, lights and heating are more heavily used when temperatures drop and they all rely on the electrical charge of the battery. While it may not be possible, or comfortable, to drive without these appliances you should ensure that they are off before you switch your car off so that charge is not wasted when you are trying to start your engine in the morning.

Reduce Your Use

Try to avoid using your vehicle for short journeys as short distances may not allow the battery adequate time to charge. Instead try to group the short journeys you may have in to one trip or consider walking. It is important, however, not to neglect your car completely, you should ‘exercise’ it by taking it for a long drive and allowing the battery to recharge.

Warning Signs!

There are a number of warning signs that can show you that your car battery may be failing. If you notice any of the following you should book a Free Battery Check at your local Merityre Specialists branch as soon as possible.

  • Your car lights appear much dimmer than usual
  • It takes your car a long time to start
  • Your engine will not turn over
  • You can hear a rapid clicking noise coming from your engine
  • The battery warning light illuminates on the dashboard of your vehicle