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Prepare your car for Winter Driving

26th October 2023

Winter can be challenging for motorists and vehicles thanks to difficult weather conditions and cold temperatures. To stay safe over the winter months, it is important that you prepare your vehicle so that it is well equipped for whatever weather conditions you may encounter.


FREE Winter Tyre Check

Road surfaces in winter can be covered in water, snow, ice and grit, so it is important that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressures, have adequate levels of tread and are in good condition so that they will keep you safe on the road.

Visit your local Merityre Specialists for a FREE winter tyre check and let our tyre technicians reassure you that your tyres are suitable to face challenging cold weather conditions. If we find that your tyres are not adequate, our specialists will provide guidance on replacing your tyres.


Fit Winter Tyres

If you haven’t already, now is the time to consider switching over to your winter tyres. If you do not own winter tyres, you might want to think about investing in a set to keep you safe on the road in difficult weather conditions.

Winter tyres are designed with a specialist compound that enables the tyre to stay supple at cold temperatures, meaning that they will retain grip and control below 7°C, unlike summer and all season tyres. In addition, winter tyres feature an optimally designed tread pattern and a large number of sipes, which provide traction on snow covered surfaces and resistance against aquaplaning.

Many motorists are reluctant to invest in a second set of tyres due to cost and storage, however, owning two sets of dedicated seasonal tyres is an economical option as two sets of tyres will last twice as long. To combat storage concerns, Merityre Specialists provide a Tyre Hotel where we can ‘check-in’ your summer tyres over the winter period!


Look After your Battery

Cold temperatures can be hard on car batteries, so it is important that you look after yours during winter. You can do this by making sure that all electrical appliances are switched off when you exit your vehicle to prevent unnecessary strain on the battery, avoiding shorter journeys which do not allow your battery sufficient time to charge and by taking your vehicle for a drive if you have left it standing for a while.

If it is possible, you should also try to park your vehicle in a garage rather than outside in cold weather as the colder your battery becomes, the more reduced its energy levels will be.


FREE Battery Health Check

If your car battery is older than three years old it is in danger of failing, so you should have your battery checked if it is at this age.

Book a FREE Battery Health Check at your local Merityre Specialists branch and let our specialists examine the condition of your battery to ensure it will last this winter.


Check your Engine Fluids

You should also check vital engine fluids to ensure that they are topped up to their recommended amount before you make any long journeys this winter.

Ensure that your engine oil sits between the minimum and maximum levels, and top up if necessary and check that your screen wash is at a sufficient level. Never fill up your screen wash with water, especially during winter weather, as water is susceptible to freezing. Instead, you should purchase a screen wash solution suitable for your vehicle.

You must also check that your engine coolant is filled to the recommended level, which you can do by visually checking the transparent container. If it sits below the minimum limit, you should top up the solution as specified in your vehicle handbook.