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Signs your car needs an oil change

29th June 2023

Why is changing your oil important?

Engine oil lubricates the parts that move in the engine. It also cools, cleans and protects these parts and prevents the engine from seizing up. Regularly checking your vehicle’s oil levels and changing when needed can help to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

As time goes on, engine oil can become dirty and can change the effectiveness of the chemical. That’s why we have compiled the top signs that indicate your car is due an oil change.

Signs your car needs an oil change

Oil replacement dashboard warning light

An oil change is due if the reminder light illuminates on your dashboard. This is an easy sign to look out for and is set as per the manufacturer of the vehicle’s recommended oil change interval.

Colour change

The colour of fresh oil has a transparent light brown hue that will turn darker overtime to eventually transform into a thick black consistency. When this happens, or the oil loses its transparency – it is an indication that your oil needs changing before it causes any gunk to form within the engine. We recommend to always examine the colour of the oil on your dipstick.

Consistency change

When checking the colour of the oil, you should aim to check the consistency as well. We recommend taking off a bit off oil from the dipstick and rubbing it between your forefinger and thumb. If the oil feels gritty or rough, this is an indication that the oil contains impurities and will need to be replaced.

Drop in oil level

Another common sign that your oil needs a change or that there is a problem, is if you have recently topped up your engine oil but the level continuously decreases below the minimum indicator on the dipstick. If this happens, it could indicate a leak or that the oil has lost its lubricating properties and needs to use more of it to ensure the moving parts of the engine is running smoothly.

Increased engine noise

An engine that is noisier than usual or making noises that are out of the ordinary, could be a sign that your oil needs replacing. When the engine oil becomes expired, it loses its lubricating properties that can cause the moving parts in the engine to grind against one another which could lead to more serious damage if not seen to. If this happens, we recommend you get your engine oil checked out as soon as possible.

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