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Top vehicle security tips

5th May 2023

Many motorists often leave their vehicles parked on their driveway or invest in security cameras or steering wheel locks to prevent their cars from the possibility of theft. Though, this may not always be enough. Car theft still remains a concern within the UK despite the amount of anti-theft solutions available on the market.  

However, with some extra precautions, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen. Here at Merityre, we have compiled some top vehicle security tips to help you stay safe.  

Invest in a steering wheel lock 

If you haven’t already, we recommend you invest in a steering wheel lock. As well as being a visual deterrent, wheel locks with a high sold security rating will take a lot longer to remove than others. As most thieves require a quick getaway, they are more than likely to avoid your vehicle when looking for cars to steal.  

Keep valuables out of sight 

Though this may the stating the obvious, it is often forgotten when out and about but more importantly, when parked at home. We recommend hiding your valuables such as expensive items or electronics in your boot or taking them inside with you. The one electronic item you should keep in the vehicle is a dash cam, which will record everything as well as act as a potential deterrent.  

Invest in a security light 

A simple security light will light up your driveway if any movement is detected. This will instantly deter thieves or intruders as most car theft occurs in the dark. A security light on your driveway will make the intruder visible to all and may alert you or your neighbours.  

Park responsibly 

As most theft occurs in dark and secluded areas, we recommend avoiding parking in any of these where possible. It is best to park in well-illuminated areas or areas that have CCTV cameras. What may seem like a nuisance, the additional 10 to 15 minute walk from a well-lit busier street can save you from potential car theft or daylight robbery.  

Turn your wheels 

On the topic of responsible parking, another simple step you can take to prevent car thefts is to turn your wheels to the curb or towards another vehicle. Doing this makes it harder for thieves to make a quick getaway without hitting the curb or manoeuvring and reversing to straighten up the vehicle – allowing you enough time to call the police.  


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