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Tyre of the Month: MICHELIN CrossClimate+

24th May 2019

Want a tyre you can depend on through any weather condition? Meet Michelin’s CrossClimate+ tyre – and our May tyre of the month. It’s no surprise to see why this tyre has earned this title – with its grip and enhanced performance, learn why this is the perfect tyre for your vehicle this May.

Experience a Michelin tyre you can rely on

Safety in every weather condition

For added peace of mind in any weather, the Michelin CrossClimate+ tyre is the perfect choice. Come winter, it’s high-performing sipes provides mobility on snow covered surfaces – making it a reliable choice for slippery surfaces. Yet, through the summer, this tyre performs just as well on dry roads – braking like a summer tyre thanks to its rigid and level-edged tread blocks.

Superior grip

With an innovative compound, this Michelin tyre provides flexibility to enable indentation on the ground for a maximum grip in every weather condition. With excellent grip on wet roads, too, this all-season tyre is the staple tyre for your vehicle – all year round.

Travel miles longer than competitors

Experience a superior level of high mileage, designed to benefit you from a safety and mobility aspect – down to the last mile. Best in class in its summer category, this Michelin tyre on average lasts 11,000 miles longer than its competitors. Find your own Michelin tyres to buy online today from Merityre Specialists. Alternatively, explore our full selection of tyres to buy online now.