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What are suspension bushes?

14th March 2024

Suspension bushes are small components used in a car’s suspension system. They play a role in absorbing any noise, vibration, and jolts from uneven road surfaces. These components can be easily overlooked, leading to the bushes getting worn out over time. Learn more about car suspension bushes and when you need to replace them in our helpful guide. 

How are suspension bushes made? 

Suspension bushes are made from either rubber or polyurethane. This allows the bushes to absorb any shocks and vibrations from the road, such as going over potholes or speed humps. Typically, you can find suspension bushes on various components, such as the suspension ball joints and control arms.   

Why do car suspension bushes wear out? 

Over time, the suspension bushes on your vehicle are susceptible to wear and tear. Various debris can get caught underneath your car, and changeable weather conditions can cause the bushes to decay. Some signs that your car’s bushes are wearing out may include: 

  • Creaking or knocking noises while you’re driving. 
  • Reduced control of your vehicle’s handling. 
  • Movement in your car’s suspension while braking or steering. 
  • Squeaking suspension. 

Can I drive with worn-out suspension bushes? 

Driving with worn-out bushes can be dangerous as your car’s suspension cannot absorb vibrations or shocks from the road. It could lead to the steering feeling light or heavy, leading to a loss of stability while driving.  

What is the lifespan of suspension bushes? 

How long your suspension bushes last depends on a few factors, such as your driving style and the types of roads you drive on. Driving on uneven or bumpy surfaces can cause the bushes to wear out quickly. 

Will worn-out suspension bushes lead to an MOT failure? 

Yes. Worn or cracked car suspension bushes come under the major defect category on an MOT test. Meanwhile, detached car bushes are classed as a dangerous defect. Does your car need repairing? Visit your nearest Merityre branch for all your car needs. Ensure your vehicle’s MOT is up-to-date by booking your MOT test now. 

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