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What are the signs of worn suspension?

5th May 2023

 Worn suspension is a safety hazard while driving. Our guide helps identify warning signs to avoid accidents and breakdowns. Looking for suspension repairs? Find your nearest Merityre specialist centre today. 

What are the dangers of worn suspension? 

Poor handling 

One of the dangers of a worn suspension is poor handling. Poor handling makes your vehicle more difficult to control. Essentially, you’ll have difficulty maintaining sudden manoeuvres or swerving to avoid obstacles.   

Poor breaking  

Another reason why it’s dangerous to drive around with a faulty suspension is poor braking. Your suspension may cause your wheels to become misaligned, which causes uneven brake wear and reduced braking efficiency. Meaning it can take longer to stop in emergency situations.  

Increased tyre wear 

Worn suspension can cause additional issues with your vehicle and cause havoc with your tyres resulting in uneven tyre wear. Uneven tyre wear will reduce the lifespan of your tyres, causing them to be replaced sooner. It can also increase stopping distance as your tyres have less grip on the road. You could also be at risk of your tyres blowing out.  

How to check suspension   

Now you know the dangers of worn suspension, it’s important to understand how to spot the signs. Some of the most common signs of worn suspension include; 

A bumpy ride  

One of the more obvious signs of a worn suspension is a rough or bumpy ride. Your suspension is designed to keep your journey smooth. So, feeling every bump in the road can be a sign to get your suspension checked professionally.  

Uneven tyre wear 

We recommend that you give your tyres a visual inspection at least every few weeks to ensure they are in good condition. If you notice uneven tyre wear, it could be a sign of several issues including worn suspension.  

Steering wheel vibration 

If you feel your steering wheel vibrating as you’re driving along, it could be a sign that your suspension needs repairing. Worn suspension can cause your wheels to become misaligned and the uneven balance can cause your steering wheel to shake.  

Bounce test 

A bounce test is an easy way to tell for sure if your suspension needs repairing. Simply push down on the front or rear of the vehicle and release it. The vehicle should bounce once or twice before settling. If it continues to bounce or if it bounces excessively, it could be a sign that the shock absorbers or struts are worn and need to be replaced. 

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