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What are tyres made from?

1st September 2022

Tyres are made to cushion the wheel of your vehicle, grip to and create traction on the road. To protect the wheel, tyres need to be strong yet flexible, therefore a rubber casing surrounding the wheel is the best material for tyres.   

What is the composition of a car tyre?

Most people know that tyres are made from rubber, however, there are many elements that go into making a tyre, including over 30 different types of rubber. 


Natural rubber comes from a tree native to Southeast Asia and Western Africa. The tree has soft wood and when cut leaks a milky liquid called latex which contains 30% rubber. Usually, about 19% of a tyre comes from natural rubber. The rest of the rubber that goes into making a tyre is called synthetic polymers, which make up another 24% of the tyre. Synthetic polymers are a product of petroleum oil. This rubber is the main ingredient that creates traction and stops the tyre from slipping on the road. 


Steel is added to the tyre to increase its strength. These are known as belts and beads they are used to increase the handling of the tyre by adding structure. The steel is also used to help lock the tyre to the wheel.   


Fillers are added to the tyre to make the tyre stronger and reinforce the rubber. Fillers increase the life of a tyre by creating resistance to tear and slows the wear of the tyre against the road surface.  


Antioxidants help to strengthen the tyre and protect it against the effects of oxygen exposure. 


Textile cords are added to the mix to enhance the tyre’s strength. The flexibility of the cord helps to keep its elasticity.   

How is a tyre made?

It takes a five-step process to manufacture car tyres. The tyres are built from the inside out once the ingredients are blended and milled into rubber strips. The tyres are then cured with hot moulds, which gives the tyre its final shape and tread. Finally, the tyre is inspected by trained experts to make sure the tyres meet safety standards. 

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