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What engine coolant do I need?

18th February 2021

What is engine coolant, and how does it work in your vehicle? Our guide to engine coolant has you covered, detailing the difference between antifreeze and coolant, as well as the benefits engine coolant can have for your vehicle in the colder months.

Is antifreeze the same as coolant?

Yes – antifreeze, also known as engine coolant, is one of the vital components needed for your vehicle to run effectively during the winter months. During this season, your vehicle is more likely to be exposed to harsher temperatures – meaning issues can arise for the general running of your vehicle.

These lower temperatures are especially concerning for the engine - as water freezes in the cooling system that can cause damage to the engine when it’s heating up. That’s where engine coolant comes in – lowering the freezing point of the water in your vehicle’s engine cooling system. This then prevents the water from freezing during the colder months.

What coolant does my car need?

Unsure which antifreeze to use? This can often be a tricky decision, as there are many types of engine coolant available.

Cars made after 1998 usually require an engine coolant that uses silicate-free, organic aid technology – which is known as OAT. However, if your vehicle has been made before 1998, it’s likely that they will need an antifreeze which contains silicate – and isn’t OAT based.

What are the benefits of using antifreeze?

As well as mixing with water to prevent it from freezing, there are multiple other benefits for using antifreeze in your vehicle over winter:

  • Aiding heat transfer
  • Increases the boiling point of your engine to prevent overheating
  • Protecting your engine from corrosion

If you need any more advice about what coolant you need, or how antifreeze works in a vehicle, get in touch with our specialists today. Book into your nearest branch to have our experts’ advice on engine coolant.