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What is a reinforced tyre?

28th August 2020

What does XL mean on tyres?

A reinforced or XL (extra load) tyre is a specially reinforced tyre which carries heavier loads than tyres of the same size. These types of tyres are stronger and more hardwearing than standard tyres, and are often used for large vehicles that carry heavy loads or large family cars, such as 4x4s.

The internal structure of XL tyres is much stronger, designed to help make it easier to handle and maintain control of your vehicle. Reinforced tyres contain additional beading which creates a stronger, more hard-wearing tyre, and will be less likely to falter under additional strain. The tyres are essential for heavy goods vehicles as, not only do they need to support the weight of the vehicle itself, but also the weight of the supplies inside, too.

Benefits of reinforced tyres

Some of the benefits of using reinforced tyres on your vehicle include:

  • Longer lifespan - XL tyres are designed for longevity - meaning they are able to travel longer distances compared to normal standard tyres.
  • Off-roading - especially beneficial in 4x4 vehicles, reinforced tyres are particularly useful for off-roading.
  • Harder wearing - reinforced tyres are less likely to incur damage from potholes or dips in the road due to their stronger structure.
  • Greater control - you're likely to experience more superior stability and traction with XL tyres, due to their rigidity. This means you could have better control driving in wet or icy conditions due to improved handling and stability from the tyres.

Do I need XL tyres?

You'll be able to tell if your current tyres are reinforced by inspecting the tyre wall markings. The markings should state either XL or Reinf (standing for 'reinforced'). So, if you've experienced a punctured tyre which needs replacing, or you're simply purchasing new tyres, ensure you've checked the tyre wall markings first to see if your vehicle uses reinforced tyres.

For more information if you need XL tyres or what reinforced car tyres are, get in touch with our helpful experts. Browse our wide range of tyres to buy online to find the right tyre for your vehicle