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What is E10 Fuel?

25th February 2022

E10 petrol contains 10% renewable ethanol which, in turn, reduces the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere – whereas petrol in the UK currently only contains up to 5% of renewable ethanol.

E10 petrol is already commonly used worldwide, including locations such as the United States, Australia and Europe. Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest gases that contribute to climate change. By mixing petrol with up to 10% renewable ethanol, the government has become closer to reaching its net-zero goals. Ethanol is an organic chemical compound that is naturally produced by the fermentation of plants.

There are a few benefits to using E10 fuel, includin

  •      Ethanol is non-toxic
  •     Ethanol is easily sourced – it is made from plants, and therefore can be regrown unlike fossil fuels.
  •     Reduce the carbon dioxide levels – meaning it’s overall better for the environment

Is E10 compatible with my car?

E10 is compatible with most petrol cars - however, older vehicles may not be compatible with the new E10 fuel, and will continue needing to use E5 petrol. This type of petrol is made up of 5 per cent ethanol, and 95 per cent of unleaded petrol. Similarly, this type of petrol is better for the environment. E10 also has no compatibility with diesel cars. However, there will be an alternative B7 fuel for these vehicles.

If you do use E10 with a non-compatible car, you are likely to experience a range of negative effects. Firstly, your car may become difficult to start, and it will also probably cause a pre-detonation in your car. Using E10 petrol in a non-compatible car could also cause serious issues such as:

  • Damaged fuel pumps
  • Blocked fuel filters
  • Corroded carburetors

Bioethanol has corrosive properties and could cause some severe damage to your car. If you want to check if your car is compatible with E10 fuel, you can check its suitability with the E10 compatibility checker UK.

If you suspect your car has been damaged by E10 fuel, book in for a servicing with us to find out what the issue could be. We offer a range of servicing options for all cars, including petrol, electric and hybrid cars.

Or, if you are experiencing problems with your catalytic converters due to other fuel damage, check out our product page. Do not hesitate to get in touch today