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When to replace motorcycle tyres

11th December 2019

Generally, when a car tyre reaches a certain age or is experiencing tyre wear, it's likely the tyre will need to be replaced. So, how do you know when to replace motorcycle tyres? From the age of the tyre to cupping or scalping, learn whether you're in need of motorbike tyre replacement now from our detailed guide.

Do I need new motorcycle tyres?

Motorcycle tyre wear

Just like other vehicles, motorbike tyres also experience wear and tear, which can be a sign of motorcycle tyre replacement being needed. To measure whether your tyres have worn enough to need new motorcycle tyres, the Tyre Wear Indicator (TWI) on the sidewall of the tyre will be able to help. Shown as a triangular arrow, the TWI indicates the level of wear after which a tyre should not be used any further. To see if you're needing motorbike tyre replacement, if the curved surface of the tyre wears out up to the TWI mark, this is a clear sign you need new motorbike tyres.


A sign you're in need of replacement motorcycle tyres is cupping or scalping of the front tyre of the motorcycle. This is when the tyre gets worn out along the length of the tread - and can lead to stability issues, which can be dangerous for the rider. It may also be worth getting your suspension properly serviced if you've noticed your tyres getting scalped from the sides - as this can be commonly associated with poor suspension set up.

Tyre tread

Another form of uneven tyre wear that can indicate you need new motorcycle tyres is the tyre tread itself. This refers to the shape of the tyre - and if the wear of the tyre is in a squared position, this shows the tyres is becoming worn from the centre portion of the tread, and indicates you're in need of new motorbike tyres.


As is the case with other vehicle's tyres, the age of the tyre can determine when your motorbike tyres will need to be replaced. It's common for most tyre manufacturers to recommend that a tyre should be changed every five years, if not before.

Depending on whether they are premium or budget motorbike tyres will probably indicate the longevity and lifespan of the tyres - as premium tyres are likely to last longer and be more durable than budget tyres. Looking for the date of manufacturing? This can be located on the tyre itself in the form of a four-digit number.

Think you're in need of motorcycle tyre replacement? Find out more information on our motorbike tyre services from your local Merityre Specialists.