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When to replace your windscreen wipers

18th October 2021

Windshield wipers are an essential feature of vehicle safety – they work by removing debris from the windscreen thus allowing for a clear view of the roads. Despite being one of the most used safety features on a car, they are often one of the first to deteriorate.

How long do windshield wipers last?

Windshield wipers usually last around 6 to 12 months - however they may need replacing even sooner due to a range of factors.

What causes my windscreen wipers to deteriorate?

  • Environmental factors - the environment plays a big role in windshield wiper damage. If you live in a location with rainy and snowier weather, it’s likely you will have to change your wipers more often.
  • UV rays – similarly, in sunnier settings, UV rays from sunlight can also wear down the rubber of your wipers, causing a need for replacement. 
  • Quality – windshield wipers can break simply due to manufacturer quality, which is why it is important to opt for sturdy, reliable wipers to save you money in the long run. 
  • Wiper fluid – wiper fluid plays a big role in ensuring your windshield wipers do not deteriorate over time. If there is not enough fluid, this could cause the wipers to sreak and smear across your windscreen. Consequently, rubber is eroded as the wipers are not properly lubricated.

Our informative guide will help you to identify the key signs to look out for when needing to replace your windshield wiper, and ways to prevent wiper blade deterioration.

Signs that your windshield wipers need replacing

It is important that you check your windshield wipers regularly to see if they are damaged. Here are some key signs to look out for regarding windshield wiper replacement:

  • Unusual streaking - after use, your windshield wipers should clear your view. If you notice that there are a few permanent streaks on your screen, this is a key sign they need replacing.
  • Funny noises - if you are hearing your wipers make a screeching sound, this is most likely due to them losing flexibility, meaning they shortly won’t be able to reach the whole span of your windscreen.  If your screen is only partially cleaned after a wipe, this is a major issue as it can seriously limit your vision of the roads.
  • Failure to clean debris - your windshield wiper is not only responsible for cleaning rain and snow, but it’s also designed to clean leaves, bird waste and other debris that might land on your windscreen.
  • Visible damage - sometimes, your windscreen wipers could be seemingly working fine – but instead could be visibly crooked instead. In this scenario, it is still handy to replace them as they could detach any moment.

Replacing windscreen wipers with Merityre

Ideally, you should aim to get new windscreen wipers every 12 months – however, if your wipers are damaged, you will need to change them immediately. You should also aim to replace both your front and back windscreen wipers at the same time, as often the rear windshield wipers are forgotten.

If you would like to know more about windscreen wiper replacement, or simply have any more motor related queries, do not hesitate to contact our specialist team. Alternatively, visit one of our branches near you.