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When will all cars be electric?

17th August 2021

The UK Government’s plans predict that all cars will have to be electric from 2030 – however, it’s fair to say that sales of electric vehicles are already beginning to soar. With the clear environmental benefits and the increasing pressure to help the planet in any way we can, electric cars now account for around 22% of all new car sales in 2021. So, how are manufacturers aiding this change from fuel powered vehicles to EVs?

How are vehicle manufactures pushing for EVs by 2030?

With pressure from an environmental standpoint as well as the government, vehicle manufacturers have been forced to make huge changes to the way they develop vehicles – adhering to a new era of electric cars. The history of electric cars shows that this is not the first time EVs have grown in popularity – but this resurgence in this era is undoubtedly one that has the most impactful connotations attached to it, with the desperate need to control some of the damage greenhouse gases have had on the environment.

Examples of the promises some vehicle manufacturers have made regarding electric vehicles include:

  • Jaguar - plans to sell only electric cars from 2025
  • Volvo - plans to sell only electric cars from 2030
  • Lotus – also said it would follow suit, selling only electric models from 2028

So, this does naturally beg the question – is it worth buying an electric car now? Learn more about hybrid electric vehicles and how long EVs last from our dedicated guides now to .

Electric vehicle maintenance

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