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Why are my brakes squeaking?

11th September 2020

Are your car brakes squeaking? When listening to the noises from your brakes, it will never be completely silent - you’ll always hear some level of noise coming from your brakes. However, there are some noises which you should be aware of – such as squeaking – which could indicate there may be a problem with your brake pads. So, why do brakes squeak?

Why do my brakes squeak?

  • Worn brake pads - one of the most common causes of squeaky brakes is worn pads or thinning pads, which indicate they could need replacing.
  • High metal content - usually, the cheaper the brakes you buy, the higher the metal content – meaning that this can lead to larger pieces of metal on the brake pad surface dragging on the brake disc.
  • Glazed pads and discs - glazed brakes reduce the action of braking, leading to a high-pitched squeal or squeak sound. This is when the brake callipers stick, causes the brake to stay partially applied, resulting in excess friction and heat.

How to stop brakes from squeaking

While we’ve highlighted why your brakes may be squeaking above, it’s often hard to accurately diagnose the problem yourself. That’s why, here at Merityre, we offer a free brake check service at your local Merityre garage. We can help diagnose whether your brakes need repairing or if they need replacing – and how we can stop your brakes from squeaking or making unsettling noises. Simply search for your nearest centre by using your postcode.

Find out more about if your brakes are working correctly, and what brake repair work you might require from our car brakes section. For more information on squeaky brakes, and how to stop them from squeaking, get in touch with an expert now.