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Merityre Specialists are committed to providing exceptional friendly and efficient service, which is why your feedback is so important to us. Please feel free to contact us if you have had a good experience at Merityre Specialists or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service and products. We read all feedback we receive so please don’t hesitate to email us at contact@Merityre.co.uk

10th August 2019
"The service there is always excellent and the staff are very helpful and friendly. It's a very nice, comfortable environment to be in - especially as middle aged woman who grew up in the sexist age of garages!!"
Merityre Specialists, Sunbury
8th August 2019
"Attended to very quickly.Friendly service"
Merityre Specialists, Basingstoke
6th August 2019
"Liam was very helpful when I rang to enquire"
Merityre Specialists, Sunbury
3rd August 2019
"All round excellent service."
Merityre Specialists, Sunbury
3rd August 2019
"Pleasant manor, informative, helpful, quick and high standard of work."
Merityre Specialists, Wallington
3rd August 2019
"great friendly efficient service, 1 tyre fitted at good all in price. more professional than ATS"
Merityre Specialists, Wantage
2nd August 2019
"The manager at this branch is outstanding. He is helpful, courteous and honest. I have visited before and on both occasions has been incredibly honest and helpful. When i arrived on this occasion it was clear he was under pressure as there were lots of customers and he was organizing the vehicles on the front parking area in order of priority. He looked over my car immediately to visually inspect the brakes and gave a clear and honest opinion. I think the manager at this branch is light years in front of any competitor in the area and I always recommend friends and family to Merit in Bagshot."
Merityre Specialists, Bagshot
1st August 2019
"On time & finished in less than 45 minutes. Very friendly service."
Merityre Specialists, Farnham
31st July 2019
"fast and efficient service"
Merityre Specialists, Andover