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Guide to saving money on your car

14th July 2022

With cost of living at an all-time high, making savings in the everyday helps now more than ever. In this guide, we will be discussing the small things you can do to help save money on your car – whether you have a petrol guzzler or a high maintenance sports car, these tips will hopefully help any driver.

Driving habits

Did you know, by altering the way that you drive, you could save yourself some money? Having good driving habits pays off – quite literally! Some habits to keep in mind are:

  • Avoid speeding – driving fast can waste excess fuel and cause you to spend more money on petrol, keeping to a speed limit can sometimes be a huge help for the bank account.
  • Gear changing – your gears have a lot of impact on fuel efficiency - if you are not changing the gears in accordance to the speed, your car will not be able to use fuel efficiently.  
  • Do not brake harshly – braking harshly can really damage your fuel economy.
  • Turn off your engine – if you are not driving for an extended period of time (e.g., you’re in traffic or you may be parked), there is no need for you to keep your engine running, as this is just burning more fuel!
  • Consider an advanced driving course - these courses will teach you how to drive more efficiently and could help you save a significant amount of money on fuel in the long run.

Tips for saving money on your car

  • Pay car tax annually – making one-off payment each year is far cheaper than paying every single month, in most instances.
  • Avoid fines – this one is perhaps the easiest way to save money in our guide. By double checking your parking or sticking to the speed limit, you eliminate the chance of getting fined.
  • Don’t overload your car – the heavier your car, the more fuel it needs to drive. Simply analyse what you have in your boot from time to time, so you’re not driving around a heavy car.
  • Get your car serviced regularly – the best way to save money on your car is to get it regularly serviced. This way, your mechanic can spot any smaller issues and prevent them from becoming bigger issues. Keep your car properly maintained will save you so much money in the long run.

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