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Home Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

27th May 2020

With the UK, and the globe, having to change their daily routines and lives due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it's likely that some parts of our motoring maintenance may have slipped our minds. As the government have extended the MOT expiry date for MOT's that were due on or after 30th March, 2020, GOV.uk state you must keep your vehicle in a safe condition to drive. That's where our home vehicle maintenance checklist can come in handy.

Whether your MOT is overdue, or whether you are self-isolating and not using your vehicle as often, review our motoring maintenance checklist in order to ensure your car is both working effectively, and is adhering to safety guidelines.

Motoring maintenance checklist

It's likely that during the lockdown period, there are many vehicles which are not being used as frequently - if at all. Not using your vehicles as regularly as normal can sometimes cause problems to arise - especially if you begin driving more frequently without conducting proper vehicle maintenance beforehand.

There are important elements of your vehicle that you're unlikely to have checked on during lockdown. Some of these include:

  • Tyre pressure - checking the condition and pressure of your tyres is essential if you haven't driven your vehicle for a while. Make sure to watch out for any cuts or bulges, and ensure tyre pressure is correct - as your tyres may need inflating before you're due to drive.
  • Battery - not using your vehicle frequently, in many cases, can cause the car's battery to go flat. In order to help keep it charged, you can start your engine for 15 minutes once a week. This will prevent any potential flooding with the fuel on petrol cars. It's important to perform this maintenance check outside rather than in a garage, and never leave the car unattended with the engine running.
  • Fluids - Oil and Water - topping up your oil and water levels in your vehicle will ensure that, once you're ready to start using it more frequently, your vehicle is ready to go. Take a look at your wiper fluid, and ensure that it's topped up to a substantial level, as well as your car's oil.
  • Air Conditioning - ensuring your air conditioning is working properly, especially as we're entering the warmer months, is an essential element of vehicle maintenance. We offer air conditioning recharge at any of our Merityre branches.
  • Wiper Blades- ensuring that your windscreen wipers clear the windscreen effectively is vital for vehicle maintenance. This is an element that is checked in your MOT test - but if the wipers have not been used frequently, it's worth testing this yourself. Turn on the engine and switch on the wipers, letting them run for a couple of minutes.
  • Bulbs - check that all your lights are working correctly. The best time to check this is at dusk - so you can see the lights illuminated on your vehicle, but without fumbling around in the dark.
  • Brakes - when a vehicle has been parked up for a long time, the brakes may seize. To prevent this, start the engine and move the car a short distance back and forth a few times.

Here at Merityre, our branches are open ready for business. To ensure your vehicle is ready to be used more frequently, have it checked over by one of our experts. Locate your nearest branch now, or get in touch with us to see how we can help get your vehicle moving more frequently.