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How to clean your car tyres

17th May 2022

When washing your car, it’s very easy for the tyres to get overlooked. You may feel that cleaning your tyres is a waste of time – let's be honest, they are constantly on the ground, in the dirt. Aren’t they just going to get dirty anyway? In our helpful guide, we will be discussing how you should clean your tyres and why cleaning your tyres is incredibly important.

Why should I clean my tyres?

There are many hidden nooks and crannies in your tyre where dust can accumulate and thus weaken your tyres over time. You must keep your tyres clean so that you don’t compromise your safety on the roads. Cleaning your tyres isn’t a simple process - instead, it requires a specific method to ensure they are adequately prepared for the road.

What you will need

  • Tyre cleaner solution
  • High-pressure water hose
  • Tyre cleaning brushes
  • Microfibre towels
  • A large bucket
  • Wax protectant and waxing cloth

How to clean your tyres

  1. Park and prep – find a flat surface away from dirt and debris to start the cleaning process. Gather all your tools in advance for a seamless clean.
  2. Hose down your tyres – put your hosepipe on the highest setting to blast off all the grime and dirt. Try and aim to hose your tyres at all angles to get in every crevice – at this point, you may want to use a degreaser to get off any excess dirt and sediments.
  3. Brush – to remove dirt from your tyre treads, you will need a hard bristled brush. The inner rims of your tyres should be taken off with a soft-bristled brush to ensure the metalwork isn’t scratched or damaged.
  4. Dry – using a microfibre towel, you can then proceed to dry off your tyres. It is important to use a microfibre cloth as they can absorb the water without smearing it across the wheel surface – this is incredibly important for wax application later on.
  5. Waxing – when your tyres have dried completely, it is now time to apply the wax – spread an even coating all over the tyre and remove any excess. Once applied evenly, you can leave the wax to dry.

Et, Voila! Your tyres are now correctly cleaned and ready for the roads. You should conduct a thorough clean on your tyres once every two months. This can increase your tyre life span and potentially save you money in the long run.

If you have noticed any nicks or faults in your tyre whilst cleaning, contact our experts today for a free tyre check at your nearest Merityre garage.