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How to Identify Exhaust Problems

20th August 2017

Concerned that you may have a problem with your exhaust? Fortunately, issues with the exhaust are fairly easy to identify as there are a number of signs that you can look out for.

The exhaust system is made up of a series of components and pipes and stretches from the engine all the way to the pipe you see at the end of your vehicle. The function of the exhaust is to channel toxic fumes created by the engine away from the vehicle, converting them to less harmful emissions along the way. Ignoring problems with your exhaust can be dangerous as noxious fumes could make their way in to the cabin of the vehicle if the exhaust cannot effectively convert and remove them. In addition, if one part of your exhaust is damaged, the engine will need to work harder to operate and your fuel consumption may increase.

Warning Signs

If there is a problem with your exhaust it will tend to make noises. The vital signs to listen out for include:

Loud Roaring which could indicate problems with the silencer - the part of the exhaust which muffles engine sounds. As this component is located towards the rear of the vehicle it is more likely to be corroded by moisture and is one of the more common exhaust problems.

Hissing Sounds can mean that there are cracks or leaks somewhere in the exhaust system as this noise is often caused by fumes or air escaping.

Rattling Noises potentially signify that part of the exhaust system has become loose or misaligned. This could also indicate problems with the catalytic convertor.

Chugging Noises could mean that you have a blockage within the exhaust system.

You can also find problems with your exhaust by doing a visual check:

Increased Fuel Consumption which can mean that your engine is working harder than usual due to a leak somewhere in the exhaust system.

Corrosion and Rusting on the visible part of the exhaust. Look out for changes such as metal becoming duller or orange in colour.

Cracks and Holes on the part of the exhaust visible from the rear of your vehicle.

White, Blue or Large Quantities of Black Smoke could indicate either a problem with the exhaust system or issues with your engine that need to be identified.

FREE Exhaust Check

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