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How to read motorcycle tyre size

21st January 2020

Choosing to replace your motorcycle tyres can be brought on by your bike's tyres showing uneven wearing, the age of the motorcycle, or if you've experienced a puncture. But how should you know which motorcycle tyre size to choose for your bike?

What size tyres for my motorbike?

Motorbike tyres have markings, numbers and symbols which indicate the tyre's size, the manufacturer and more elements. Unsure how to read motorcycle tyre sizes? It's actually pretty similar to reading tyre markings on car tyres.

Our tyre markings explained guide goes through how to read tyre markings in detail - showing tyre width, aspect ratio, tyre construction, wheel diameter, load index and speed rating. As well as showing the motorcycle's tyre size, tyre markings also show the brand name, pattern name, country of manufacture, tread wear indicators, manufacturing date code and European ECE type approval.

With your motorcycle tyre sizes explained from our helpful guide, you'll then be able to learn how to read motorcycle tyre size and identify which tyres are the best choice for your bike.

How to choose motorcycle tyres

Once you know the tyre size you need, another consideration is deciding what specific requirements your bike will need in order to adhere to your preferences. This can include:

  • Speed
  • Frequency
  • Duration of journeys
  • Riding style

Generally, there are four motorcycle designations to choose from for your tyres:

  • Dirt
  • Cruiser
  • Dual-sport/ADV
  • Street

Once you've decided on the type of tyre you'd like, with help from our detailed guide above, you can then choose the perfect tyre size for your motorbike.

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