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Spare tyres FAQs

23rd December 2021

The spare tyre is seemingly essential, yet a point of confusion sometimes. There are a few rules surrounding spare tyres - our guide not only covers all you need to know about spare tyre rules, but we also explore alternatives to carrying around a spare tyres. 

What are the spare tyre laws in the UK?

You are not legally obliged to carry a spare tyre - instead, there are various alternatives to resort to if you happen to have a punctured tyre. You may opt for a sealant and inflator kit, or you may have already run-flat tyres. The law only requires you to have tyres that comply with the legal standards

Where can I find my spare tyre?

If your car is equipped with a spare tyre, you will most likely find it underneath the floor panel in the boot of your car. 

Why don’t new cars come with a spare tyre?

Carrying a spare tyre can sometimes be seen as an inconvenience - the weight of a tyre can affect fuel efficiency. Another factor is the cost of having a spare tyre when there are so many other cheaper alternatives is that a spare tyre can cost you in excess of £100, especially if you factor in the increase of fuel consumption. In contrast, a puncture kit will cost just £20. 

Do I need a spare tyre for my MOT?

It is not a requirement to have a spare tyre for your MOT - instead, your tyres will be tested on:

  • Tread depth
  • Condition
  • Tyre size and type

As long as your tyres oblige to the legal requirements, then you are less likely to need a spare tyre.

What are the spare tyre alternatives

  • The space-saver wheel: this is a more compact version of a spare tyre - the benefits of having a space-saver wheel is a lighter weight and take significantly less space than a regular spare tyre would. However, keep in mind that a space-saver wheel is only intended to be used in emergencies at slower speeds. 
  • Run-flat tyres: many cars come equipped with run-flat tyres – these tyres feature a reinforced sidewall, meaning you can continue driving even if your tyre is punctured. This is only suited for minor tyre damage, and you should still repair your tyres in the long run. 
  • Puncture kit: these hand kits are perhaps the most space-efficient and these kits usually contain sealant and an air compressor. This solution is becoming increasingly more popular, though as with most temporary fixes, tyre damage will always need seeing to as soon as possible.

How long does a space-saver tyre last?

Space saver tyres typically last for around 50 miles. However, they are not recommended for long term use. 

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