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What to bring to an MOT and car service

21st November 2023

If your MOT and service is due, either at the same time, or at different periods of the year – you may be wondering what it is you need to take with you. Find out all you need to know in our helpful guide.  

What to bring to an MOT 

For an MOT, motorists do not need to bring anything with them. Previously, your vehicle service logbook and appointment letter were required,  advancements in technology means this is no longer necessary. This is because a DVSA MOT approved test centre will be able to locate your vehicle in the system.  Once your MOT has been completed: 

  • You will be issued with either a pass or fail certificate.  
  • If any additional work is needed on your vehicle, you will receive a list of these issues that will either need repairing or monitoring.  

We advise that these recommendations aren’t ignored, as they can become a more serious issue overtime if not dealt with.  

What to bring to a service

Similarly to an MOT, no documents are required when you take your vehicle in for a service. Though it is not necessary to bring with you, your service book contains items that you may have had replaced such as brake fluid, cabin filters or spark plugs – which an expert technician can take note of. Once your car service is complete, your service book will get stamped.  

Additional MOT and car servicing tips

Locking nuts or alloy wheel keys – as alloy wheels are expensive, many vehicle manufacturers fit them with locking nuts to prevent from theft. Your wheels will need to be removed by our technicians to inspect the condition of your suspension and steering systems. We recommend that you bring along your locking nuts with you to make the process easier.  

Remove additional items – for an MOT and service, we advise that any additional items are removed from your vehicle. This includes car seats secured by seatbelts, luggage in the boot and any heavy items. This allows an expert technician to inspect the tread depth of your spare tyre in the boot as well as testing the security of your seatbelts more easily.  

How Merityre can help

Looking to book in for your next MOT and car service? Simply locate your nearest Merityre MOT test branch or Merityre servicing branch today. For more information, take a look at our test guide or contact a member of our expert team now.