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Common driving offences that are illegal

13th October 2023

There are many obvious driving offences motorists are aware of, such as driving over the speed limit or driving without an MOT. However, there are some driving offences you may not know are illegal. We have highlighted some of these lesser known  driving offences in our helpful guide.  

Flashing lights to give way 

This is a common thing all motorists do, but can be considered a driving offence should an accident result from it. Flashes from headlights should only be used to warn other drivers of your presence on the road.  

Parking too close to a junction 

It is an offence to park within 10 metres of a junction. For those turning into the junction, there is a risk of steering into an unsighted car on the wrong side of the road. Parking too close to a junction will make it difficult for other motorists. 

Using your horn incorrectly 

Between the hours of 11:30pm and 7:00am, it is illegal to beep your horn when driving in a built-up area, a road that has a 30mph speed limit. Though it is unlikely you will get charged if you get caught, it is still a driving offence commonly made by motorists without realising it. A horn should be used only to warn others of danger. 

Unclear windscreen before driving 

The highway code indicates that by law, you must be able to see out of every glass panel of your vehicle – even during adverse weather conditions. Any snow or frost should be cleared from your windows, including any snow from the roof of the vehicle to avoid a hefty fine.  

A dirty number plate 

Your number plate must be clear and readable, failure to ensure this can lead to a fine of up to £1,000. A number plate that is deemed ‘unreadable’ can also be a reason for you to fail your MOT test. It is worth checking the clarity of your number plate before you set off on any journey.  

How Merityre can help  

Here at Merityre, we offer regular car servicing to help ensure your vehicle is in working order in between MOTs to avoid these common faults. For more information, contact a member of our helpful team or locate your nearest Merityre today.