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How long does a full service take?

5th May 2023

What is a full service? 

A full service is a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle that is recommended to be carried out once a year to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, safely and efficiently. A full service is not an annual legal requirement like an MOT however, it is advisable to have your car regularly serviced. 

Usually, a full car service should take place every 12 months or 12,000 miles – depending on which comes first. A full car service is based on the parameters set out by vehicle manufacturers to reduce the risk of any expensive repairs or a breakdown.   

What is checked during a full service?  

A full service typically consists of multiple stages and includes various system checks, component checks and adjustments such as: 

Overview of vehicle   

Checking of vehicle history, mileage and service schedule requirements. 

Road Test   

A road test to check the overall performance and handling of the vehicle. 

Vehicle checks on the floor 

Checking the exterior lightbulbs, seat belts, mirrors, battery, brake fluid, auxiliary drive belt, wipers and more.  

Vehicle checks on the ramp  

Checking the steering, tyres, wheels, suspension, exhaust, transmission chassis and renewing the engine oil and filter, pollen filter, air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs. 

Final checks  

Cleaning engine covers, lubricate door hinges, reset service lights and stamping the service book after a final road test. 

How long does a full service take? 

Due to the inspections carried out across a wide range of models and vehicles, it is difficult to provide a precise answer however, it can generally take anywhere between two to three hours. If no major issues are encountered, you can expect to have your vehicle back the same day.  

We always recommend pairing up your full service with your annual MOT test to ensure a thorough check of your vehicle’s health and roadworthiness. What’s more, it will make it easier for you to remember both tests as they will be due at the same time the following year.  

It is worth referring to your owner’s manual for more accurate information, or if you are still unsure – contact our friendly team who will be happy to help. Alternatively, book in for a full service or MOT Test online today to find out more. Make sure to check out our gold club for a 10% discount on MOT testing and more – sign up today and start saving.